Tour to Chernobyl Zone

Want to go to Chernobyl Zone, but don't know how to do it? You have got to the right place :)

For starters let's answer the 3 most common questions:
Q: Is it possible to visit Chernobyl Zone?
A: Yes!
Q: Is it safe to go to Chernobyl?
A: Yes! For more information look at the "Safety" tab.
Q: Can I go there by myself?
A: Unfortunately, the area is closed to private visitors and can only be accessed through organized groups. Excursions are organized by the official operator of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone - "ChernobylInterInfo." There are two options to get a tour...
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Option #1: Order the "all-inclusive" tour at one of the many tour companies operating in Ukraine. These tours include everything – like going to Kiev and back, accommodation and so on. But in this case, you will have to pay the agency a service fee. In this option you are not independent, and need to follow an itinerary
Option #2: Go to Chernobyl by directly ordering the tour from Kiev. In this case you need to sort out your tickets yourself, accommodation and so on. This option isn't intimidating to the seasoned traveler :)

If you prefer the second option, we are ready to help you!

So, let's start...

How to get there?

Kiev is not as far from Europe as may appear at first glance :) The fastest and cheapest way to get here is to take advantage of one of the flights offered by Wizzair. There are a couple of flights from all over the Europe.

How to book and how much does it cost?

First of all, for those who would like to go to Chernobyl there are two simple conditions – you must be an adult (18 +) and have a valid passport :) For itineraries, prices, registration, and more look here

Welcome to the "STALKER zone"!